Meet the Mi Amore Team


Mi Amore Yacht Captain Gerrit Cloete

Gerrit Cloete

Nationality:  South Africa

Gerrit grew up in Bethlehem, South-Africa and at age 22 decided to pursue a career at sea, far from the farm life he was raised on. His yachting career began in 2005 where he took his first job as a deckhand. Gerrit’s hard work and dedication saw him quickly move up the ranks and in 2007, he obtained his First Officer license. During his career, he has worked on many private and charter yachts throughout the Mediterranean, Caribbean, USA, Bahamas, Africa, and Panama. Gerrit has extensive cruising and local knowledge and has contacts in each of these regions. In 2018, he obtained his MCA Master 3000 license and immediately took his first Captain’s position aboard M/Y Skyfall, cruising the Bahamas then crossing the Atlantic from Florida to Monaco. 

Outside of yachting, Gerrit’s entrepreneurship has involved a Life-Saving App, the establishment of a lion breeding farm, and real estate, in South-Africa. Gerrit is a dedicated, hardworking professional who motivates and leads a professional and fun-loving crew. He strives to always ensure the safety of his crew, guests, and the vessel. His hobbies are golf, rugby, and entrepreneurship.

Previous yachts: Inspiration, Daybreak, Dumani, De Ja Vu, Huntress, Skyfall, Rhino, Top Five

First Mate

Remmert De Beer

Nationality: South Africa

Remmert grew up in a small town inland of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, called Aberdeen. He left South Africa to work in London with a few friends where he first heard of yachting. He started his career on the high seas back in 2010 and hasn’t looked back since! He has been lucky enough to sail the UAE, Mediterranean, East Coast of USA, all the way to Chicago and then onto the Great Lakes. Remmert’s passion for the water and years of experience in yachting ensure a fun and memorable time onboard. 

In his spare time, Remmert loves a game of golf, rugby or fishing! He also enjoys taking on the role of chef as the ‘braai master’ as South African’s say – he braai’s a good steak! 

Previous Yachts: Rockit, Rhino 

Chief Engineer

Stephanus du Plessis

Nationality: South Africa

Born in the small-town farming community of Heilbron, South Africa, Steph grew up working closely with the land. An avid animal lover, he had always imagined himself to become a vet. However, as time passed, he began to work with various machinery on the farm and found that it was the engines that truly intrigued him. Before long, he was consumed by the engineering world, and his passion and drive to pursue it as a full-time career outgrew farm life. He traveled across the world to the United States where he obtained his Y3 chief engineer’s license allowing him to travel while pursuing his passion. Steph has a calm and collected nature, which allows him to thrive in high-pressure situations.

During your time aboard, you’ll most likely find him in the engine room, ensuring everything is in perfect working order. Steph offers a wealth of

knowledge as well as engine room tours, don’t hesitate to request one! When not at sea, Steph lives in sunny West Palm with his wife and his four dogs.

Previous Yachts: Paramour, Deep Blue, Sin or Swim, Unbridled, Top Five


Albert Van Zyl

Nationality: South Africa

Albert, also known as Albie, was born in Pretoria, South Africa, and spent his childhood growing up in the heart of the bush, the wild countryside. Following the completion of his degree in Industrial Sociology, Albie immigrated to the States 3 years ago and has fallen in love with his new country. Albie dreams of becoming a captain in the future.  He currently holds an Approved Engine Course and a 200-ton Captains license.

A love for traveling, the ocean, and interacting with guests has led Albie to his dream job! In his free time, he loves experiencing new cigars and collecting his favorites as well as a keen interest in watches. On the weekends, he enjoys watching and playing soccer.

Previous Yachts: Top Five


Marcel Van De Merwe

Nationality: South Africa

Marcel was born in Pretoria, where he grew up spending his time playing rugby in the winters and on the farm in the summers. After studying Graphic Design, he had a dream to go abroad. He found yachting when he was 24 years old and has loved being on the ocean ever since. So far, his experiences have taken him up and down the east coast of USA, Hudson River, Bahamas, Caribbean and Maldives. Marcel brings his jolly personality to M/Y Mi Amore to guarantee guests a memorable trip!

In his off time, he likes to travel, hike, cook and take courses towards his career goals which is becoming chief officer and eventually, captain.

Previous Yachts: Coy Koi, My Sky, Huntress


Gary Goslin

Nationality: South Africa

As a South African native, Gary’s passion for diverse cuisines started early as he was exposed to numerous cultures. Gaining professional experience at the Institute for Hospitality Education, Gary’s career quickly brought him to London where he worked in the oldest restaurant and under celebrity chef John Torode. From London, Gary traveled across Africa learning traditional dishes and eventually landed in the Caribbean and USA. He has spent the last 7 years working on motor yachts. He continues to challenge himself with new dishes and wants nothing more than for his guests to have the ultimately culinary experience.

His hobbies are golf, fishing, and spending time with his new wife and their two Labradors.

Previous Yachts: Beach Front, Unforgettable, Amarula Sun, Excellence, Rhino

Chief Stewardess

Megan Rademeyer

Nationality: South Africa

Megan grew up in Cape Town, South Africa near the Constantia wine valley, where her interest in hospitality began by visiting wine farms and restaurants in the area. From a young age, Megan loved to cook for and entertain family and friends, always planning birthday parties and watching cooking shows. After school, Megan enrolled in a four-year International Hotel Management course; she excelled here and quickly learned the tricks of the hospitality trade. Upon graduating, Megan learned all about the yachting world and knew it was the perfect fit for her as she could pursue her hospitality career whilst travelling the globe. Now, with 10 years in the hospitality industry, she still enjoys every minute and strives to make every guests’ experience on board memorable.

Previous Yachts: Apogee, Fountainhead, Incognito, Huntress

2nd Stewardess

Haleigh Baxter

Nationality: USA

Haleigh grew up in Eastern North Carolina, USA where she completed college at the University of North Carolina Wilmington with a B.S. in Clinical Research. Combining her love for being by the ocean and four years of estate housekeeping & service experience, Haleigh joined yachting in 2017 with a travel bug and a big smile, which you’ll always see her sporting! Her experiences have sent her from the Caribbean to the Bahamas and across the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean. She brings her fun-loving attitude to M/Y Mi Amore to ensure happy guests. In her free time, she loves being with friends and family, relaxing by the beach, working out, and practicing yoga

Previous Yachts: Apogee, Fountainhead, Incognito, Huntress

3rd Stewardess

Jenna Riley

Nationality: South Africa

Jenna was born in Durban, South Africa. From a young age, Jenna absolutely loved the ocean and spending time outdoors. During her time in school, Jenna found a love for tourism, travel, and people, so she carried this on after school and completed a degree in tourism. After completing her degree, she could hardly wait to travel and meet new people. So, what better way to do this than in yachting? Jenna loves exploring new places and she has sailed in the Mediterranean and Caribbean so far in her career. 

In her spare time, Jenna loves being outdoors and enjoys going for long walks and runs or lounging on a beautiful beach. 

Previous Yachts: Malandrino, Living the Dream, Skyfall